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Are you a single man who is looking for an Asian bride for marriage? You probably know how difficult it is to find the right woman. It is even more difficult to find a trustworthy and efficient website, on which you can meet the Asian lady of your dreams. is a premium-class platform that serves singles from all over the world and unites them with beautiful and tender women from China, Japan, Thailand, the Philippines, Korea, and Vietnam. has a great reputation as it proved its worthiness through years of work. But how much do we actually know about this platform? Why is it worth trusting it and giving it a shot? Here we will tell you everything about, how it was created, how it evolved, and managed to become one of the leading dating services on the mail order bride market.

History of

Brand AsianBride has been on the market for over seven years. It was established on June 10, 2013, and initially functioned as a service that helped Asian brides choose the best wedding outfits. This service used to publish a magazine, where happy brides could find stunning wedding ideas and looks.

AsiaBride served not only brides. It also helped girls who were going to attend a wedding and everyone who loved bright and festive outfits. The service ensured you did not have to surf the Internet to find the best outfit ideas. The service’s special team collected the latest looks and ideas and presented them all at once. The team also published on the site the most outstanding pictures from wedding photoshoots, which were made exclusively for the AsianBride magazine.

asianbride-me first view

The site used to have various subsections. Here’s a handful of examples:

  1. LookBooks suggested special ideas for flowers, cakes, and so on.
  2. AsianBride also had an online shop where once could order the magazine.
  3. Beauty Binder was a service through which one could check the works of top-notch makeup gurus for inspiration.
  4. Fashion File was a bonus inspiration service – there brides could find additional unique outfits. The section provided fashion collections haute couture as well as outfit ideas for themed events.
asianbride-me magazines

AsianBride through its work as a wedding outfit magazine and online service has gained a lot of experience. On its website Asian women could:

  • Search for the most mesmerizing looks, applying such filters as color, tags, categories.
  • Save the most creative ideas in LookBook.
  • Share ideas with friends online.

It may all seem irrelevant to online dating but in fact, AsianBride has gained all the necessary knowledge for serving people. The site’s team of developers and designers have created a potent search tool and built the site’s infrastructure. The service’s support team learned how to react to the changing demands of the users and so on.

asianbride-me history

Asian Bride has an extensive audience – from Asian single women to those who recently got married but still were nostalgic about the wedding that Asian Bride inspired them for.

After serving Asian beauties for six years, AsianBride decided to change the direction of its work. Starting from May 13, 2019, the site started helping Asian single girls find husbands abroad and vice versa. Back then it was a prototype of what could become.

What is like now?

Today is a review website that helps single people find each other. This website supports healthy relationships based on mutual support, trust, and respect. That is why it dedicates so much time to selecting reliable Asian mail order bride sites that provide access to real users with serious relationship intentions.

asianbride-me now

On the site, you can find reviews of the best Asian dating and mail order bride websites. You can search for them by countries and also you can learn more about the peculiarities of each bride's nationality.

There are three ways in which you can find Asian dating sites on

  1. In the «Reviews» section
  2. After passing a Dating Quiz
  3. In the list of top Asian mail order bride sites on the main page
  4. In sections about countries where Asian brides come from also has quizzes that will personalize your suggestion of an Asian mail order bride based on your wishes and choices.

Let’s see in detail what offers nowadays.

Reviews on

On this website, you can find reviews of the most popular and reputed Asian mail order bride sites. It is trusted by Esquire, Playboy, GQ, Men’s Journal, MAXIM, and Men’s Health.

Go to the reviews section of the site and you will discover lists of the best sites for finding a partner. team keeps an eye on the latest updates on the dating market and constantly checks the quality of each website.

The team collects information through its own sources, online research, and ordinary users. A team of site’s analysts goes to various website analytics services and verifies if the number of visitors each website claims to have is indeed realistic. The reviewers also register on each site and test its services to see if it is user-friendly and at all effective. A team of designers assesses the technological aspects of each website, while a crew of sociologists looks for real user reviews and ranks the sites based on them.

There are months of hard work. The results you can see on the site in the form of concise and informative reviews. These reviews of Asian mail order bride sites contain detailed information about:

  • Sites’ members (their number, gender balance and focus on relationships)
  • Range and quality of communication tools
  • Details regarding the registration process
  • Ways of establishing communication with Asian brides (for example, reviews mention how fast girls respond on each website)
  • Profile quality (if profiles are verified, if they contain personal description, etc.)
  • Safety and privacy ( team also reads all Terms of Use and other agreements and checks safety policies)
  • Usability and design
  • Special features (additional services like gifts and flowers delivery, organization of romance tours and so on)

It is interesting how Asian Bride changed itself from a wedding outfit service to full pre-wedding service! The development of its team cannot be underestimated. All their hard work is just evidence of how the team is dedicated to traditional values and supports healthy and happy relationships.

If before AsianBride worked only on adding a cherry on top of the cake (helping with outfits), now this service works on the entire cake by helping people actually find each other in the shortest time possible!

Find an Asian woman on

Although is not a dating site, you can still find a woman for marriage on it. How? Besides reviewing dating platforms, this service also reviews dating traditions in various Asian countries and prepares reviews on traits of women who live there. Specifically, on you can find overviews on:

  • Filipino brides
  • Japanese brides
  • Korean brides
  • Thai brides
  • Vietnamese brides
  • Chinese brides
  • Indian brides
  • Indonesian brides
  • Turkish brides
  • Syrian brides
  • Sri Lankan brides
  • Pakistani brides
  • Cambodian brides

Click on any type of brides by countries and you will find:

  1. Stereotypes about a certain type of women
  2. True facts about them
  3. Personality traits
  4. Appearance description
  5. Peculiarities of local mail order brides
  6. What they search for in men
  7. How to attract them
  8. And, finally, the list of top sites where you can find these ladies makes it 100% easier for you to find love online. You do not need to browse through dozens of websites to find the information you need for safe and effective international dating. Just like once upon a time AsianBride knew how to please Asian brides, now it knows how to help single Western men find their Asian love.


AsianBride has been on the dating and wedding market for over seven years. It started out in 2013 as a magazine for Asian women which helped them select the most outstanding outfits for the wedding. The site served brides as well as girls who wanted to look stunning at a wedding. It allowed ladies to choose the most creative and unconventional ideas for weddings, save them, and share with family and friends.

In 2019 Asian Bride revived as a dating site review service. It propagates healthy and happy relationships and helps singles from all over the world find each other. The site focuses on single men from such Western countries as the USA, Canada, as well as Europe and Australia, and single women from Asian countries, for example, China, Japan, Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia, and so on. now is a reliable review service on which you can find an Asian mail order bride site that suits you the most.

A range of famous brands like Esquire, Playboy, GQ, and others trust Its reviews are prepared by teams of professionals who are eager to make your dating experience pleasing. As time goes by, evolves and never stops surprising its users. Give it a try and maybe you will find love as easily, as easy it is to find a wedding dress.